What we do

Chronic pain, pain issues and injuries are nuisances. They can disrupt the flow of our lives and limit what we are able to do with our bodies on a daily basis—from ordinary tasks and activities to sports performance. At Milesfit, we have put together one of the most advanced and comprehensive systems for reducing and eliminating pain.

Our system bridges physiotherapy with neurophysiology, using corrective exercises and stretches coupled with postural insoles, ocular recalibration systems and brain exercises. By addressing everything from weak muscles and flexibility issues to neurological deficits and postural interferences, we target the underlying causes of pain to deliver phenomenal results. Our system is non-invasive and does not require regular visits on a weekly basis, saving you valuable time and money!

The most unique component of our system is the integration of a science called Posturology. Posturology is the most powerful missing link in other treatment programs—we are one of the only establishments in all of North America adopting it into our practice. 


Posturology is a science describing the intimate relationship between the nervous system (ie: the innate intelligence of the body) and the postural system. Through the efforts of the renowned French orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bernard Bricot, Posturology has demonstrated the true nature of alignment. 

We now understand that our day-to-day posture is the direct result of our body’s ability to gather and process information about our environment. As interpreters of our surroundings, our feet and eyes act as the body’s postural receptors. Any problems with these receptors can throw the body out of alignment, leading to pain issues. Even if pain is not experienced immediately, the gradual wear and tear that takes place in a body with improper posture guarantees that pain will manifest in the future. Without addressing the body’s postural receptors in the treatment process, it is almost impossible to achieve complete and permanent pain relief. Posturology allows us to fix faulty receptors and deliver lasting results from the ground up.

Other Facts about Posturology:

  • Recommended and used by some of the best health professionals in the world (some of whom have worked with Olympic and elite athletes)
  • Used by professional athletes in golf, hockey and other sports

Our system explained

1) Initial Evaluation

Our system begins with an evaluation, designed to identify your weaknesses, imbalances and any postural abnormalities linked to pain.

The evaluation consists of: 

  • Detailed questionnaires, designed to cover everything that may be related to your pain, including your medical history, symptomatology and other pertinent information.
  • Assessment of posture in all three planes of motion, noting any postural discrepancies potentially linked to pain.
  • Examination of feet, including biomechanical, reflexive and neurological evaluations.
  • Examination of eyes, assessing muscle control, eye movement and ocular mechanics.
  • Identification of systemic blockages by evaluating jaw alignment, dentition, tongue mechanics and other factors potentially contributing to pain (ie: scars and short legs).
  • Strength and range-of-motion assessments, to better understand how your body moves and how movement might contribute to your issues.
  • Neurological and sensory testing, studying communication between different body systems and segments.
  • Sample recalibration, using postural recalibration tools and neurological stimulators. 

2) The Pain Reduction Program

Once we’ve gathered all of your data and assessed all of the variables, we’re ready to put your pain reduction program into action.

The program consists of:

  • Postural recalibration tools, including corrective insoles and eye muscle strengthening systems.
  • Follow-up appointments to monitor you every step of the way, re-evaluating certain variables and making adjustments where necessary to ensure constant progress.
  • Customized exercise plans, featuring corrective movements designed to reduce pain, strengthen weak links and build overall strength.
  • Customized stretching plans, featuring corrective stretches designed to release spinal blockages and increase flexibility where required.
  • Brain exercise programs, which strengthen cerebral pathways, improving your coordination and body-awareness.  

Not only will our program successfully address your pain issues, but it will also help you build a stronger, more functional body—decreasing your likelihood of problems and injuries down the road.

Symptoms that our system can potentially help with:

  • Lower-back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Foot issues (flat feet, plantar fasciitis etc)
  • Circulatory problems (varicose veins)
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Postural imbalances
  • Muscle, ligament and connective tissue issues (strains, sprains etc)
  • Joint pain, inflammation and joint dislocation problems
  • Spinal issues (bulging discs, herniated discs, compressed/sub-luxated vertebrae)
  • Rotator cuff issues and shoulder tendinitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Nerve issues – radiating extremity pain, tingling sensations, muscular deficits, sciatica, carpal tunnel etc
  • Knee issues: patellar-femoral syndrome, ACL-MCL-PCL-LCL issues
  • Ankle issues: constant sprains, achilles tendinitis/inflammation 
  • Jaw dysfunction (TMJ syndrome)
  • Balance and coordination issues (vertigo etc)

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