Miles Krol

  • Directeur de Santé et Fitness
  • Entraîneur Personnel
  • Coach de Nutrition
  • Posturologue

When it comes to helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals, Miles knows how to coach anyone to success. After taking many courses with top trainers, nutrition experts and rehabilitation specialists, Miles draws on the combined wisdom of industry experts like Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek, Dr. Guy Voyer and Dr. Bernard Bricot.

In addition to this vastarray of knowledge, Miles also draws on his own personal experience. Having formerly trained for powerlifting, Miles once bulked up to a total of 270 lbs. He then went on to lose over 100 lbs to achieve the lean, fit physique he has today. Through this personal experience, he has acquired a unique, first-hand perspective on the training process, learning many key tips, tricks and shortcuts.

Combining his educational background and personal insight, Miles coaches his clients to overcome their obstacles and get great results. Over the years, Miles has successfully helped hundreds of people as a personal trainer, nutritional coach and Posturologist.

Besides being a healthcare practitioner, Miles is also an educator. Between speaking at lectures, leading workshops and serving as a FIT course instructor at the YMCA, Miles has taught and coached everyone from beginners to fitness professionals. 

Since any good teacher knows the importance of staying well-informed, Miles attends regular conferences and seminars to keep up-to-date with the latest research, cutting edge systems and tools.

With his deep passion for health and fitness, Miles strives to help others take control of their lives and become the strongest versions of themselves.

Ashley Starnino

  • Personal Trainer
  • Massage Therapist

I started working out at 18 as I wanted to get into better shape and feel good about myself. When I turned 24 I began boxing at my local gym; that is when my love for fitness really flourished. Working out became an outlet for me to overcome my stress and build confidence. It was then that I began to take my overall health more seriously.

I decided to pursue a career in personal training in 2016 because I wanted to help other people achieve their fitness goals. I believe that fitness is holistic; it encompasses a sense of complete well being; physical, psychological and spiritual.

Exercise is a way of challenging myself to reach new horizons and I appreciate the opportunity to help my clients reach theirs. There is a certain fulfillment I feel when I can help people transform their lives, either by working out, acquiring healthier eating habits, or looking to boost self esteem.

In addition to strength training, I love connecting with nature. Trail running, cycling, hiking in the Adirondacks or camping in the wilderness are just some of the activities that permit me to do so.

Karlo Clemente

  • Personal Trainer

Personal growth and better self awareness are the main motives I strived for in life. I was introduced to health and fitness after high school in order to improve my overall health and I was hooked instantly with the way it changed me from a physical, mental, emotional and energetic perspective. As time went on and I gained more hands on experience with training and healthy eating, I begin to develop a curiosity and being more analytical with the approach that I do to reach my fitness goals and understand more the approach in depth. Self improvement and wanting to learn more are the things that lead me to where I am now with my current journey as a fitness professional and coach. 

In which ever endeavour we pursue in life, I'm a firm believer on being process driven and most importantly having fun with what we do. Fun in a sense we gained tons of valuable life lessons/perspectives and practical application during the process and we begin to build character in pursuit of the best version of ourselves. When we enjoy the process of achieving a goal, putting in the work and being persistent it becomes a habit over time.

Having done the personal training certifications in Tav College and the FIT certification at the YMCA, growing my knowledge in the health and fitness field through workshops and seminars will always be an opportunity for me as a personal trainer/coach to build my craft and being more hands on with the application of health and fitness with my clients. Things always evolved in the area of health and fitness as there are no one best approach when pursuing a fitness goal.

As a personal trainer and coach, my goal is to bring value and content and teach my clients how to approach their fitness endeavour through training, nutrition and health in terms of longevity with health and physical transformation. And help them established on making health and fitness a lifestyle. Maximizing people's full potential brings me a lot of fulfillment and a sense of wellbeing as everyone is truly capable of being the best they can be in all aspects of their life.

Jean Destiné

  • Entraîneur personnel
  • Directeur de la gestion de projet

From a young age, Jean Destine had a passion to help people. With the opportunity to combine this passion with his love of fitness, Jean found his calling. After completing his FIT certification, Jean started as a volunteer fitness instructor and began teaching a variety of group fitness classes to persons of all fitness levels. From Muscle Toning and TRX to Cardio Cycle and Cardio Kickboxing, Jean`s classes aim to challenge his clients to reach their next level of personal fitness.  

Jean also became a certified personal trainer through the FIT certification. 12 years later, Jean has trained clients aged 5 to 80 years old. He even had the chance to be a trainer of personal trainers, which involved teaching the basic theory to students and evaluating future instructors. In his career, Jean progressed to Coordinator of the Weight Room, followed by Director of Health & Fitness at the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce YMCA. Throughout his extensive career in the fitness industry, Jean has always sought to inspire healthy and active lifestyles among his clients and students. He even taught a program for Kindergarten children in an effort to introduce them to fitness and instill in them a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

With a holistic approach to fitness, including a strong emphasis on posture, proper breathing, and movement, Jean’s aim is to help you reach your personal goals. His fitness programs incorporate balance, strength and flexibility. Whether you are looking to lose weight, or to prepare for a competition, Jean will guide, inspire and motivate you to attain your optimal health.

Adam Shore

  • Entraîneur personnel
  • Directeur des opérations du centre

Having been active his whole life, Adam gained an interest in the field of health and fitness in 2011 when he became a Milesfit client. Through meticulously following training and eating regimens, he quickly recognized the importance of persistence with regards to exercise and nutrition. This sparked a desire to coach those who struggle with their own health and fitness goals to achieve success! 

Adam was first certified as a personal trainer by CanFitPro, which left him hungry to learn more. He then continued to study the FIT certification at the YMCA and French CEP certification at Énergie Cardio. He has also interned under Miles. During this time, he covered grounds including, but not limited to, nutrition, posture and corrective conditioning. His journey to learn and discover more about the industry is ongoing. 

Although his training background sprouted from powerlifting, strength and hypertrophy, Adam has successfully guided clients through a wide spectrum of health and fitness goals from weight loss to weight gain, endurance training to general health and more.  Adam has worked with clients aged 13 to 65 and, as a result, knows how to create a fun and engaging work environment for all types of people.

Simon Dayan

  • Entraîneur Personnel
  • Massothérapeute

Being a sedentary individual during my teenage years, I quickly discovered that any insecurity and lack of confidence arose from a lack of fitness. 

Upon my first experiences at a gym, I immediately found a profound sense of calm and fulfillment once I became aware of my physical potential. The more I pushed myself within the realm of personal fitness, the more success I found in other aspects of my life.

Since first stepping into a gym in 2005, I became aware of the powerful transformative effects training has on people that go beyond just reaching physical goals.

As a fitness professional, the most rewarding thing for me is to see clients who are ordinary men and women break through plateaus and perform extraordinary things. Being involved in martial arts and fitness for over a decade has taught me that structure, consistency, persistence are just a fraction of things that can be built through physical training.

My goal as a trainer is to help clients see the potential in themselves and harness their own focus to achieve great things in and out of the gym. As my hero Bruce Lee once said “the successful warrior is the average woman, man with laser like focus”.

Dane Gilmore

  • Entraîneur personnel
  • Le directeur marketing


Brittany Woods

  • Personal Trainer

A reformed couch potato with no sports background, Brittany understands that fitness doesn't always come easily to everyone. At 15 she started practicing yoga on a regular basis and found the amazing benefits of movement - most importantly improved physical and mental health. Now she strives to help all of her clients realize their individual strengths in the gym, along with skills that can be applied in daily life; determination, perserverance and acceptance. Stressful modern lifestyles take a toll on both the body and mind, and Brittany believes exercise is the best medicine. With a holistic approach and consideration of all aspects of wellbeing, Brittany uses fitness as a tool with her clients to primarily achieve optimal health and avoid illness. Ultimately she will teach you how to really listen to your body, and exercise because you love it, not because you hate it. By working patiently with her clients she helps them further understand human movement while developing confidence and self esteem. Believing in fitness as much more than just a means to achieve the ideal physique, she hopes her clients will have fun, feel empowered and ready to conquer life's challenges.

Brittany has 3 years of post-secondary education in Health, Wellness and Fitness and is a certified personal trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. She is also certified in Twist Sport Conditioning and incorporates functional movement into all of her training programs.

Justin Ouellette

  • Entraîneur personnel

If there is one thing that Justin is greatly passionate about, it’s helping his clients sculpt their ideal physique.With education ranging from CanFitPro, to the YMCA’s FIT program and group training certifications, Justin is always on the hunt to expand his horizons as a fitness instructor.Justin has always lived an active lifestyle. Whether competing in sports, Spartan races or other feats of physical ability, he is never short on challenging himself. He has recently taken on the challenges of competing in bodybuilding and men’s physique—such will be ongoing throughout his career. With knowledge drawn from these disciplines, Justin is very savvy regarding the importance of nutrition for getting you to your goals, regardless of what they might be.Ask yourself if today you gave 100% in everything you did. Did you have the most drive and motivation out of everyone around you?  Are you inspiring others? Think about where you see yourself in a year from now. Is the path you are on right now going to get you there? Regardless of age and gender, Justin is determined to no limit to get you to where you want to be through his meticulous training and nutrition coaching. 

Julia O'Donoghue

  • Personal Trainer
  • Administrative Guru

Julia started exploring the West Island YMCA a few months into her first job at McDonald’s in 11th grade. “I had never realized how quickly new habits could change my body, whether that was eating a burger on my break several times a week or using the elliptical for 30 minutes after school.”  She was hooked not only on the aesthetics of fitness, but the magic of biology working inside the human body, as science was always her strong suit.

Julia graduated with honours from the Professional Theatre Program at Dawson College where she learnt how to express feelings and thoughts through movement and conceive the body as a tool that must be kept in top shape regardless of life circumstances. Soon after, she started working at the Westmount YMCA where she could be immersed in the world of fitness on a daily basis. “I learn best from experience and immersion in an environment, so I knew that the YMCA was a great place for me to be. I would suck knowledge from anyone willing to give it to me and eventually decided to take the YMCA FIT Personal Training course, which is where I met Miles.”

Julia is currently studying Sociology and Anthropology at McGill while working at Milesfit. “I started by volunteering my time in exchange for personal training sessions because I was still on the quest for fitness knowledge and growth. Dane and Miles allowed me room to grow, provided me with learning opportunities and encouraged me to get my CanFit Pro certification.” Julia currently works customer service, administration and sales at Milesfit while training clients and going to university. (She is also a handywoman and lion tamer.)

“Every step of my life makes sense when I consider where I’m currently at with Milesfit. My journey getting here is a patchwork of a broad range of interests concerning human beings.”

Johan DeNora

  • Adjoint administrative

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